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Oum Rug

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Made by a mother and daughter on their personal loom, the Umm (Mother) rug has so much character. The orange and red dyed wool feature boldly in this statement piece. This is a high-pile rug with lots of texture. As we were leaving the Atlas Mountains, the woman in whose lodge we were staying discreetly told us that she had some rugs she wanted to show us. We purchased two rugs from her; the most unique of our collection. This rug reflects her style and imagination, the bond between her and her daughter, and represents tradition being passed down. We named this rug Umm, meaning mother, to commemorate the mother and daughter who wove it.

Dimensions: 7'5" x 4'3" 


Designed and curated by us, made by artisans in Morocco

Handmade by gifted women who weave according to Moroccan tradition

In collaboration with small and local businesses in northern and central Morocco

Hand-knotted: A term to describe the process when a weaver knots a yarn of wool around a column of thread on a loom. 
Care instructions for pillows: Clean as soon as a spill occurs. Always spot clean with soap and water and air dry. Never machine wash or machine dry. The back of this pillow is made from an easy-to-clean material; liquids do not immediately soak in giving you time to quickly clean. 
Care instructions for rugs: Clean as soon as spill occurs. Rugs are cleaned as the final step in its production. It has a subtle and natural wool smell that will fade over time. Spot clean with water and gentle soap, if necessary. Let air dry. If a mishap requires the entire rug to be cleaned, this rug can handle a lot of water without being damaged. Leave outside to air dry. 
Return policy: Not accepting returns or exchanges at this time unless product arrives damaged. Email for questions.