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Moroccan Pillows & Rugs

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Made with soul and by hand in Morocco

Suf Home Goods features handcrafted pillows and rugs made from locally-sourced Moroccan wool. We're proud to partner with women and men who preserve and advance an enduring tradition of craftsmanship and community. We seek purity (safa) in our purpose as we work with the ancient material of wool (suf).

Meet the Rug Weavers

Meet the Rug Weavers

Follow the Journey

Follow the Journey

Our Story

We started Suf to meld Moroccan material and craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic. The result is genuine, one-of-a-kind pieces that fit effortlessly into your home. Our products are made in small batches in the High Atlas Mountains as well as the city of Tangier in Morocco.

-Faatimah & Hicham

I LOVE this pillow! I immediately fell in love with the texture as soon as I opened the box. The pale blue color also inspired me to feature more blues in my room— and now they go together together brilliantly. Between the color, the texture and the fact that it’s handwoven it’s just a very special pillow. It makes me feel at home! Highly recommend.

-Leenah S., Michigan U.S.