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Sahaab Rug

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Comfort and calm meet in this off-white high-pile rug. The Sahaab rug is named for its cloud-like color and consistency. 

The understated elegance of the Sahaab Rug will bring character to any room. The off-white color feels cozy, the classic diamond pattern is timeless and the plush wool imparts a sense of quality and strength. The Sahaab offers a timeless charm in an elegant and durable design. 

Use it in a neutral space to bring even more peace or in a colorful space to add grounding.

Dimensions: 5 x 6 feet

While most Moroccan rugs on the market today are vintage, this rug was made by a women's cooperative in 2020-2021. Purchasing a contemporary rug supports living rug weavers who rely on sales of their rugs to make a living and justify their commitment to this time-intensive practice. Vintage rugs have their charm, of course, but they do little to preserve the practice of rug weaving in current times. The rug weavers of Ait Bougemez reinvest their profits in their business, support their families, and sustain a remote area that would otherwise be abandoned and uncultivated without them and their families. More than just a beautiful and functional rug in your home, these rugs mark a commitment to people and sustainability. 

Weavers sit up to four at a time knotting pieces of wool onto the threads of a loom. An individual rug can take up to six months to weave depending on size, intricacy, and the availability of the weavers. 

Designed and curated by us, made by artisans in Morocco

Handmade by gifted women who weave according to Moroccan tradition

In collaboration with small and local businesses in northern and central Morocco

Hand-knotted: A term to describe the process when a weaver knots a yarn of wool around a column of thread on a loom. 
Care instructions for pillows: Clean as soon as a spill occurs. Always spot clean with soap and water and air dry. Never machine wash or machine dry. The back of this pillow is made from an easy-to-clean material; liquids do not immediately soak in giving you time to quickly clean. 
Care instructions for rugs: Clean as soon as spill occurs. Rugs are cleaned as the final step in its production. It has a subtle and natural wool smell that will fade over time. Spot clean with water and gentle soap, if necessary. Let air dry. If a mishap requires the entire rug to be cleaned, this rug can handle a lot of water without being damaged. Leave outside to air dry. 
Return policy: Not accepting returns or exchanges at this time unless product arrives damaged. Email for questions.