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We wanted wool (suf) to be the staple material of our product line because it is a classic, durable material that's been around since time immemorial. Wool uniquely conjures up images to the imagination. When you think of wool, you see sheep grazing in open pastures, lonesome and pensive shepherds, dignified wise men and women draped in cloaks, families bundled in warmth.

Wool is a material that unites the human family in its ubiquitousness and usefulness. Wool exists in nearly every country, making it commonplace; and yet it maintains its value. Wool can stand alone or blend with other materials. Wool is durable enough to last through many winters, but soft enough to be handled, cleaned, and spun by the hands of women. Wool can be dyed, brushed, knotted, woven, and spun.

Wool is the people's textile. In Morocco, families sheer coats from their own sheep or purchase it from their neighbor's flock. They can transform it into material without the purchase of expensive equipment. With it they clothe themselves and furnish their homes and sell beautiful textiles and finished pieces to make a living. We've enjoyed Moroccan wool for years, and we're pleased to be able to share our woolen collaborations with you. Browse our inaugural collection of throw pillows and rugs that are sure to bring beauty to your home.

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