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We stayed at a little bed & breakfast in the mountains with the best raghayif (Moroccan flat and flaky bread) I'd ever had. The woman who hosted us made it fresh every morning and served it with honey produced by their bees. I could have eaten that simple but incredibly satisfying meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our last day there, we expressed our gratitude to our hosts as we slowly picked up our things and made our way out the door. Before we could leave, a young member of her family told us that our host was too shy to tell us that she, too, made rugs. Hers were not big and perfectly symmetrical like the rugs made at the co-op, she worried we would not find beauty in them. Surprised and delighted we asked her if we could see them. We laid eyes on the Umm Rug and felt it was special. The bright colors pull you in, the asymmetrical design read more like true art than imperfection. Everything about it has the human touch that inspired us to start Suf in the first place. Be the owner of the Umm ("Mother") Rug; a singular, enchanting beauty.


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